Fresh Fits that Smell Fresh Too

Lately we've had a few people in the store asking us how we get our clothes smelling so good. (I know it sounds like I'm boasting, but I'm not kidding--we had one person call to ask if I could send her a picture of our detergent!) When we say we wash everything, we mean it. After we take in clothes from sellers, we sort and wash them. We use Arm & Hammer plus Oxi Clean detergent and then include roughly 8oz of Odoban with each load of laundry. (The one down-side of this detergent is the plastic consumption. I highly recommend 'Dropps' to get rid of wasteful plastic--it is more pricey, however, and for bulk quantities of laundry like we're doing, it simply wasn't economically feasible.)

Best purchased at Costco!

If you're someone who deals with hard-to-fight odors, I HIGHLY recommend Odoban (This section is going to sound like an Odoban ad--but I swear it's not. Though, it would be nice if Odoban wanted to sponsor us *hint, hint*). Odoban is seriously the shit though, you guys! I always thought that clothes with intense cigarette smoke smells were a lost cause. In the past I have thrifted some awesome things that unfortunately smelled like cigarette smoke, and no matter what I did, the smell would not go away. That is, until I discovered Odoban. Odoban seriously gets rid of the WORST of smells. And as a plus, it is a disinfectant!

And it comes in different scents! (Seriously not an Odoban ad)

After washing the clothes, we will put a couple Kirkland brand dryer sheets in the dryer (and set it to LOW heat so that the clothes don't shrink), and voila, you have perfectly laundered clothes.

On top of our laundry, we also frequently clean the store. Before I opened Alt Rebel, I wanted the cleanliness to be something that really set the store apart from other thrifts. Obviously in the middle of a pandemic, it is now more important than ever. But I just never understood why "used" had to equate to dirty. I hated using the dressing rooms at Buffalo Exchange and dressing on top of dust bunnies, or holding hangers and having black marks on my hands. Just because I'm looking for a deal DOES NOT mean I don't give af about filth! Who else is with me? So, I opened a thrift store where cleanliness is a priority, not an afterthought.

Anyways, I think the only thing more boring than cleaning is reading about cleaning, so I'm just going to leave this post there...

But as always--reach out if you have any questions! We pride ourselves on transparency.



Owner, Alt Rebel

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