Why Alt Rebel?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hi all and welcome to the Alt Rebel blog! Every other week I will post something related to our store, fashion, sustainability (or maybe even something totally random).

For this first post, I want to give you all a little background on who I am and why I decided to open a buy, sell, trade in downtown Las Vegas. Obviously this will be a very simplified, concise version of the story—so if you want to know more feel free to ask.

My name is Taylor and I am the owner & manager of Alt Rebel. (If you’ve ever messaged us or come into the store, you’ve probably interacted with me!) Ever since I can remember I have loved used clothing. When I was young, the best thing a friend could ever give me was a bag of their hand-me-downs. As I grew older, however, I began to appreciate the inspiration, vibes & energy that came from the aesthetic & decor of a well thought out secondhand store. Whenever I traveled, I made sure to bookmark all of the local vintage & thrift shops so I knew exactly where I wanted to go when I arrived.

I also grew to understand the impact that the fast fashion industry was having on our environment and the people actually making the clothes. Most of you probably already know the grueling and oftentimes unsafe conditions that clothing manufacturers have to go through to make the clothing that we purchase new for $5, never wear, and then throw away. If you go into any thrift store these days, you will see how much fast fashion brands have taken over their inventory. Unfortunately, most of those clothes won't end up being sold either and will end up in landfills. I knew if I ever ended up owning my own business, I didn't want to be adding to the problem or forced to participate in unethical business practices by exporting labor.

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Me & my baby boy, Charlie (AKA Mr. Bubba.)

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago, however, that I realized I wanted to open up my own secondhand shop. I was at rock bottom mentally, and felt extremely unsure of what I wanted to do. I don’t know why it was so difficult for me to come to this conclusion—but basically I just asked myself what I loved to do, where I loved to be, and what kind of people I wanted to surround myself with. So, I landed on opening up my own thrift. (Besides, I figured downtown vegas could use something different & locally owned anyway.) 

It was actually during a group therapy session when I figured out what I was going to name the store. We were discussing a new coping strategy called “Alternative Rebellion.” Alternative rebellion meant expressing your angst, sadness, frustration, disappointment etc in a constructive/artistic/rebellious way rather than lashing out and potentially harming yourself or others. I always felt thrifting was that sort of outlet for me, so I thought the name fit perfectly. Obviously, I made it a little shorter though... thus, Alt Rebel was born! Lol

The store when we first started moving in!

So anyway, 5 years later & here we are. Although it is still a struggle, the store is doing better than I ever would’ve imagined at a time like this. The positive feedback & support from the community has been so reaffirming and at times, overwhelming! I am seriously so grateful for all of the people I have already met and look forward to meeting new ones.

Hope you all have a lovely rest of your week!

Don't forget to be kind to yourself,


The store today!


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