Predicting What We Buy

One of the most common questions we get is, "What kind of things are you looking for?" We sell clothing, shoes and accessories. Beyond that, there are no absolutes. If the item is in line with current trends, in good condition, and there's space for it in the store, we will probably buy it!

Being that this is a blog post, however, I wanted to make a more detailed list for all of our loyal sellers.

A great example of something vintage AND unique!

1.) VINTAGE: The word "vintage" is thrown around A LOT these days, but to us, vintage is anything 15 years or older. So yes, your velour tracksuit from 2005 qualifies. If the vintage item is stain free, rip free, and fits with modern trends, there is a good chance we want it in our inventory.

2.) UNIQUE: Part of the beauty of thrifting is finding something that no one else owns. So if you have something that is handmade or just really different/weird/strange...we want it!

Nobody can turn down vintage YSL!

3.) NAME BRANDS: I hate saying "name brands," because it always sounds elitist and snooty to me, but the reality is that people want to thrift for things they normally can't afford at retail price. So unfortunately, that usually rules out brands from places like Target, Walmart, Kohls etc. If you're wondering what kind of "name brands" we are looking for, we do have a brand list on our instagram, or you could look at websites like,, or to see what kinds of brands are sought after by our clientele.

4.) CONDITION: Before bringing in your items, do a quick look over to make sure everything you're bringing in is good condition. Exclude anything that has stains or rips. PRO TIP: It ALWAYS helps to wash/clean/iron your items before bringing them in. If the item looks newer, it will be priced higher, which means more money for

Bucket hats are so in right now! (& it's vintage!)

5.) STYLE: The longer we are open, the more we are understanding our clientele and what kind of items are selling. Unfortunately, formal and business attire is pretty low down on the list. That doesn't mean it's completely excluded, but it does mean we are much more selective with it. Naturally over time, fashion has become increasingly based on comfort and function (ie: athleisure and streetwear). And as a fashion oriented brand, we're going to try to adapt to those changes as best as we can.

Like I said at the beginning, there is no sure-fast way of knowing what we will accept and what we won't--sometimes it is just dependent on what we need more stock of! As always, you can call us anytime during business hours to find out what we're looking for that day. Have a lovely rest of your week & stay safe! -Taylor

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