Sunday Steals!

If you're an avid @altrebel702 instagram follower, then you might have heard about our upcoming thrift event. If you haven't, then keep on reading and I'll tell you all the buzz.

Firstly, I'd like to put it out there that 'Sunday Steals' was not what I originally intended. I've had the idea for several months now to have a monthly thrift event called 'Secondhand Saturday' that would be on the second Saturday of each month and feature all the valley's best thrift, vintage and secondhand vendors. Sounds like a great idea right? Well unfortunately I wasn't able to call it that this time around and here's why:

**if you're just interested in information about Sunday Steals, then maybe skip down several paragraphs because this is just going to be a rant**

One day my landlord and his assistant came into the shop and asked if we were planning to have any events in the near future. I told them about this idea and they both responded enthusiastically that they would love to help make it a reality. My landlord was willing to chip in to help pay for port-a-potties, flyers and entertainment, which I thought was great because that stuff all really starts to add up.

At the first meeting with my landlord's assistant, I realized that the financial aid did not come without caveats.

1. All of the vendors would have to pay a vendor fee.

"Fine," I thought, "Most events have vendor fees anyway."

2. The event HAD to be on a Sunday because the assistant HAD to attend, but he absolutely cannot work on a Saturday because of his religious views.

My feelings on this stipulation can be summed up by the emoji with straight horizontal lines for its eyes and mouth.

"Ok fine," I said, "Could we at least have the event on the second Sunday of the month then so we could still call it Secondhand Sunday?"

"Ehhhhhh," he replied eyeing his schedule on his Iphone, "My wedding is coming up and that's just going to be cutting it too close."

There are a number of snarky replies that I could have retorted, but instead I held my tongue and just said ok--we could have the event the following Sunday.

There are only a few things that my landlord's assistant said he would handle:

  1. Making the promotional graphics

  2. Getting flyers printed

  3. Booking entertainment

  4. Booking port-a-potties

So far of those four things, he has done 0. My sister was kind enough to make the graphics for the event after he failed to produce anything after three weeks. He said two weeks ago that the flyers were getting printed but I haven't seen any yet. He also asked me a week ago if we were going to have live entertainment and I looked at him befuddled and exasperated because he was the one who proposed having live entertainment in the first place. I asked him about port-a-potties two weeks ago, but he replied asking if I had any 'leads' on any companies like this was some kind of CSI detective work and not booking a portable toilet.

So here we are, two weeks out from the event and I have managed to get together everything we need (with the exception of the flyers, entertainment and port-a-potties which he claims he is 'working on'). I have my doubts, but ever since Donald Trump won a presidential election I figure anything can happen. Still my favorite part of planning this event "with" him is when he told me, "Don't worry -- eventually this will all be your event and I'll pass on the reins to you."

So now for the fun part! The details of the event!

The event will be held on Sunday, March 21 from 11AM-7PM outside of Alt Rebel! We have 13 clothing vendors and 4 food vendors booked. All of the clothing vendors have been selected and curated by me! A lot of them are consistent sellers at Alt Rebel--so if you like what we have in the shop, you'll like what they're bringing. In theory there will be live entertainment, so it should be a great family event to shop around, eat and listen to music.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for this day because all of the vendors are people I know personally who are passionate about vintage, thrifting and style. Just like Alt Rebel, they deserve to be known and make some sales!

Can't wait to see you all there.

x Taylor

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